Wednesday, 23 October 2013

DIY Upcycled Chalkboard Jam Jars

A new crafty little project I have made this week for a stall I am holding selling handmade goods this weekend. I managed to build up a bit of a collection of jams jars and decided to make them pretty so that they can be used to store bits and bobs in the kitchen. It was a fun, easy and quick little project and these would make great 
presents filled with chocolate or sweets or anything else you fancy!

You need : Jam Jars, Any size or shape you come across!
                  Enamel paint (I used a spray one in duck egg blue)
                  Black board paint
                  Acrylic Paint

1. Lay out the lids on paper outdoors or in a ventilated space. Spray or paint the enamel    
    onto the lids in layers leaving at least 30mins between layer. I did three for an even finish.

   2. While the lids are drying. paint the jars with the blackboard paint    
   making sure there is enough space for you to write on with chalk. Again I did 3 coats.

  3. Paint a design over the chalk. I did oranges, floral would look pretty too I think.

And thats it! If you are in Bristol this weekend pop by the harbor side market where I will be selling my wares!

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