Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A colourful January

No blues here! No particular resolutions either. To me life is about balance, and I think that's the best way to live. This last week has been lovely, filled with fun and family. On sunday we celebrated my Grandpas 80th birthday. We had a big lunch with cocktails, not forgetting the jelly. According to my nephew Luke, it's simply not a party without jelly. My sister made an incredible cake of Grandpa in his canoe exploring the Mullion coast.

 I spent a bit of time hanging out at The Colour Factory whilst in Winchester. 
I love my mums collection of vintage matchboxes which she is using as little trinket boxes for her porcelain birds.

A great chocolate shop/cafe recently opened in Winchester called Chococo. They do awesome Orange hot chocolates and you get to sample chocolates with your drink which were also delicious. I love their Campbell soup cans filled with roses against the bright tables and giant bauble displays.

Myself and James visited the RWA Annual open exhibition as well last week which was fantastic and well worth checking out. You can read more about it on ONEFOUNDSEVEN my new blog which is co-authored by Emma Ewer. Head over and take a look. It is a site for and about creative lifestyle in Bristol and beyond. 

Finally put up a lot of frames we had hanging around in our flat. I really like having a focal art wall, still a few gaps for future pieces.

 Hope you too are having a great start to the year : )

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