Sunday, 13 May 2012

Illustrating the Mayfest Sign with Drawn in Bristol

 I spent yesterday doing some drawing for the Mayfest sign with fellow Drawn in Bristol Illustrators Dave Bain, Liv Bargman, Lochness, Paul Roberts and Alex Bertram-Powell

I did the letter 'F' for the sign, and my brief was to concentrate on the show 'The Furies' with a theme of rock, heavy metal, Electronica, Instruments, rock chic and make-up. I chose to go for iconic rock accessories, worn by the worlds top rock stars. 

See what you can spot out of all the objects and do pop down to see the sign (opposite The Old Vic by the docks) The other letters are awesome and was great to work alongside and see everyone else at work.

The first two photos on this post are borrowed from Dave Bains twitter page which you can check out here Big thanks to him for arranging everything : )

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  1. I love this, it looks like a lot of fun as well :)!